Raving Fans

Kat Kim describes her experience of what happened to her after working with Alisa:

$7,500 and 5 clients within 7 days!

"I can't even explain with words what's going on with me right now!! I had 3 calls today, closed EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. I had one yesterday. CLOSED that one.  Are you kidding me????  Alisa, I can't believe it....4 out of 4 sales calls!!  Your Sequence to Sales process is easy, doable, and FUN. I'm totally blown away right now. It has changed my life.  This past week is a MASSIVE turning point in my business, and I am thrilled to be sharing this with all of you!!"

Kat Kim Kat Kim
The Beauty Uprising

B. Haywood shares her results after working with Alisa:

New revenue streams never before imagined!

"Alisa is the single-most reason I've been able to create more revenue thanks to my VIP day.  Now I can reach even more people by expanding my marketing and my audiences to include corporate speaking gigs, as well as teen summits for building confidence in young girls.  It's great to know that my work is having such an impact and I have Alisa to thank!  I had a major breakthrough in terms of processes, and now my sales sequence runs on autopilot.  I'm so excited to share this with the world and I'm so grateful that Alisa understands EXACTLY how heart-centered entrepreneurs can become prosperous!  THANKS, ALISA!!!"

B. Haywood B. Haywood
The Fairy Godmother Formula

More clarity for better conversion

Thanks Alisa! In just 5 minutes of our conversation, you came up with a title that would give my clients more clarity around what I do. Clarity leads to conversion!! Thanks for your open and honest feedback!

Latasha Kinnard Latasha Kinnard
Start Young Financial Group

Two simple questions for marketing clarity

So enjoyable to have virtual coffeee on Skype with my new friend Alisa Ugalde today. Want to get some clarity on the intro marketing language for your brand? Alisa asked me two simple questions. They were brilliant!

Deborah Tutnauer Deborah Tutnauer
It's All Success

Benefits from couple day intensive

I did a couple day intensive with her last month at her home and I just love the way Alisa identifies the conversation your prospects are having and how to address their pain and your solutions in your marketing videos and sales letters to really attract your ideal clients!

Ruth Anne Wood Ruth Anne Wood
Scripting for Success

Awesome coaching for attracting clients

Wow - I just started working with Alisa today and I can't believe how much I've already learend and how much I have been doing incorrectly. If you want clarity on how to start attracting clients, Alisa is the coach for you! Thank you for the awesome coaching session today! You rock Alisa!

Laura Kendall Laura Kendall
LJ Kendall Coaching & Training Solutions

Easy to convey what I do now

One of the hardest things I've had to learn is how to convey what I do for my clients. It's been an evolution of course, but so frustrating when you see amazing transformaton in your lcients but have to narrow it down to a simple concept. So ... this week with Alisa's help I think I've found it. 🙂 Thank you Alisa!

Amanda Bresee Amanda Bresee
Claim It Live It

Instrumental in encouraging focus in offer

Thank you so much for the amazing feedback. I can honestly say that today's 1 Day Intensive changed the course of my business for the better.

Holly Kolman Holly Kolman
Girl Power Math

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